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The Main Portal for airdrop crypto. Get free crypto airdrops.

Welcome to crypto community, a free source that presents the world’s most current and legitimate cryptocurrency airdrops. We verify and aggregate airdrops and bounties daily to bring you the most recent and profitable earning opportunities from the upcoming crypto airdrops. Choose a free airdrop token and follow the instructions provided to claim free crypto tokens, vote for your favorite ICO projects or keep an eye on the next crypto airdrop.! Earn free crypto airdrop here! We may offer from time to time companies sign-up bonuses, earn interest rate stacking, and opportunities to earn bitcoin rewards(free bitcoin does not exist), nft airdrops. No credit cards.

An airdrop is a marketing strategy often employed by cryptocurrency founders where free tokens or coins are sent to user wallet addresses—usually after performing some tasks. No tasks are required in easy airdrop crypto.

These tasks may involve joining a Telegram group (crypto airdrop telegram), following certain Twitter accounts, retweeting their tweets, filling in a form, or registering on the crypto project's website. The airdrop campaign often rewards participants with extra free coins when they refer others.

At other times, receiving airdrops of a digital asset may not require any tasks other than simply holding a certain different token—a subtype of airdrops referred to as "holder's airdrop."

Primarily, the purpose of any airdrop campaign is to create awareness and promote a new cryptocurrency. These freely distributed coins increase the followers, user base, and number of holders of the coin.

Best Crypto Airdrops and ICOs

What are airdrops & bounties?

Many crypto companies distribute free coins to their communities to increase their project’s visibility, increase the circulating supply and stimulate trade. These free distributions are commonly known as free airdrop crypto.

Most of the airdrops that we present are “bounty” drops, which will reward you with tokens for completing simple social media tasks (Joining their Telegram group, reposting on Twitter, etc.). This offering creates a win-win scenario because the company gets free marketing, and you get free crypto. Other airdrops will reward you for simply holding a specific coin without the expectation of any reciprocal consideration.

Why are crypto projects and ICOs giving away coins for free?

Cryptocurrencies only hold value because people believe in them and recognize their worth. The more people who own a cryptocurrency, the more likely it is to become widely adopted and rise in value. Airdrops are effective due to the endowment effect, a phenomenon in which people will ascribe value to things merely because they own them.

By conducting a bounty airdrop, a DeFi startup can create mass awareness about their project, token sale, or pre-ICO with minimal cost to them. Social media campaigns allow the project to become visible to people who would otherwise never recognize its existence. Airdrops can also create a vast network of users who are motivated to push a project’s success by doing things together like winning community votings for exchange listings.

By rewarding token owners with free airdrops, projects can also encourage users to hold (HODL) their coins for the long term. This can effectively lower the selling pressure of the coin. Holder airdrops have been a popular tactic amongst some of the most successful crypto projects, like STB, ZOOM, USDM, and more.

How do I claim airdrops?

The claim process differs from project to project. Some “holder drops” will drop tokens automatically into the wallets of users who own a specific coin (instant crypto airdrops). Other projects are snapshot-based, and can only be claimed by users who held the required token during the snapshot, which is a record of token holders taken at a specific time/block. Legit crypto airdrops are not easy crypto airdrops. Watch our airdrop calendar crypto to spot top crypto airdrops. We provide you with an active crypto airdrop filter and an airdrop crypto list.

Holder Airdrops

An example of a holder airdrop is ZOOM, which was initially distributed to Stabila holders. Stabila is one of the most important crypto airdrop sites. They also airdropped a monthly amount of ZOOM into the wallets of Stabila holders proportional to the amount of STB/ZOOM that they held during the drop. These types of drops can create excitement which often results in significant price action for the particular coin.

Social Media Airdrops and Bounties

For taking part in bounty airdrops, you will likely need active accounts on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram. You should also have a account, as some new crypto airdrops require participants to post proof of ownership in the forum threads. Most bounty token airdrops will require you to join a Telegram group and share posts on Facebook and Twitter. After completing the steps to reserve rewards, you will often need to fill out a form with your username and wallet address. Follow our social media channels for crypto airdrop alerts. Read all ticker or general crypto news here.

Exclusive Airdrops

Exclusive airdrops are hosted and managed by If you have any questions regarding our exclusive airdrops or crypto exchange airdrop, or if you would like us to host your airdrop, contact us by telegram.


Although we strive to list only legitimate projects, we are not responsible for any problems or losses caused by scams or inaccurate information. Make sure you never share your private keys!